We are currently hiring all positions and are looking for people with 3+ years of field experience! Take a look at the job descriptions below and apply by emailing a cover letter and resume to careers@RRPSmedical.com

We are always looking for more volunteers who are committed to quality patient care and are looking for more experience. Please scroll down to the volunteers section to learn more.


The Event EMT is the bread and butter of our medical events. Our Event EMT's are trained specifically in event medicine and exercise physiology. As an Event EMT, you will have the training and capability to do 95% of all medical procedures, including supraglottic airways, IM Epi, and IV therapy that may be needed at an event.


Event Paramedics are generally the highest level of care we have for most events. They are responsible for providing high quality ALS if the need arises and are trained and equipped for most exercise related emergencies. They are responsible for EKG interpretation, drug intervention and intubation, should the need arise.



This company is unique in the sense that we hire Event RN's to supplement the traditional pre-hospital providers. Event RN's will be trained in event emergency medicine, exercise physiology and intervention, and have the ability to function as an emergency nurse supporting Event Physicians, or Paramedics.


We love to have Event Physicians at any event, but typically staff them during large scale events such as the Iron Man. Event Physicians are board certified Emergency Physicians and have the equipment and capability to support event athletes as if they were in an ER.

Volunteers: We are always looking for good volunteers to help out at events with us. If you are interested in the medical field, a pre-med student, or just interested in getting more experience, drop us a line and let us know why you want to volunteer along with a short resume. Volunteers@RRPSmedical.com

To apply for any of the above positions send a cover letter and resume to careers@RRPSmedical.com and we look forward to hearing from you soon!